Getting Started

The ExpenseEDGE program has made it simple with a 3 Step process to start improving the profitability of your organization today.

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    Step 1 Assessment

    Review a sample of items you purchase in a category to the Certified Supplier pricing.

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    Step 2 Selection

    Select a Certified Supplier that works best for you.

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    Step 3 Registration

    Set up your Supplier account through the ExpenseEDGE portal.

Step 1: Assessment  ExpenseEDGE platform provides 1 – 2 Certified Suppliers for each category. Review a sample of products and services items your group currently purchases against the ExpenseEDGE Certified Supplier Pricing to assess the potential savings you are ready to move on to Step 2 – Supplier Selection.

Step 2: Selection In the category you have assessed, select the Certified Supplier that works best for you and click the Certified Supplier’s logo located in the Functional Areas Certified Supplier pages. ExpenseEDGE will be direct you to the Supplier’s user portal or landing page to begin an engagement.

Step 3: Registration Register your account on a Certified Supplier’s portal or by submitting a form on your chosen Certified Supplier’s site. The Certified Supplier will communicate immediately to set you up to begin ordering the negotiated products and services or to start an engagement that will help your dealership improve profitability.