Improve your profits with ExpenseEDGE, the premier standard in spend management delivery.

How is ExpenseEDGE Better?

We provide competitive pricing based on blind quotes.  Our results are usually 20% better than programs offering only a discount off list.

Our clients realize savings of 15% – 28% using our locked pricing, business terms, discounts & more!

Big Savings, For All Departments

We identified high usage supplies and services.  Then we vetted the most competitive – service oriented suppliers and quoted with them to obtain the most competitive prices and business terms.  We have 80+ expense categories, 25+ Audit & Recovery categories and 5 new revenue categories and adding more.

Office & Technology

Finance & Human Resources

Operations & Facilities

Sales & Marketing


Service Deliverables

An ExpenseEDGE subscription brings together innovative deliverables that will put your dealership at the forefront of spend management to improve your profits.

  • 55+ Expense Category Solutions
  • 10,250+ Pricing Benchmarks
  • 25+ Audit, Recovery & Consulting Solutions
  • 100+ Suppliers with locked pricing
  • Innovative Webinar Series
  • Help Desk
  • Easy to Use Web Portal
  • Annual/Semi Annual Requotes


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